Brendan Dwyer
Brendan Dwyer, CTA

Brendan is a graduate of the Michigan State University School of Journalism and was formerly the Manager of Marketing Communications for the GLCVB and the Greater Lansing Sports Authority. As a lifelong Greater Lansing resident, Brendan has a firm understanding of the many strengths of the Capital region as a sports, conference, and leisure destination.

Six Hot Trends in Event Planning

How often do you go to a conference? A few times a year? Just once? Maybe you haven't been to a conference in years. If you haven't been to a conference in a while, you might be in for a surprise the next time you register and attend…

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Spartan Sports Superfan <VIDEO>

The return of Spartan Football – Just saying the words gives those of us that bleed green full-blown goosebumps. The concept is so exciting because of all the positivity and excitement that Spartan football brings to our lives…

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Get Conference Attendee Engagement Now

Finding ways to get event attendees engaged with your conference content when there are tons of other distractions is a growing concern of event planners the world over. From mobile apps, social media and live polling to games, texting and emails distractions are everywhere and it becomes increasingly difficult to have success with old-fashioned person-to-person connections. Here are some tips to improve engagement at your next event…

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Greater Lansing On The Move!

It doesn't take long to notice Greater Lansing is undergoing a major reconstruction. Cranes are in the air, shovels are in the dirt and the community at large is at the threshold of a completely revitalized region…

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Big News for Downtown Lansing

The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau (GLCVB) is excited to join the rest of the community in welcoming the latest Gillespie Group development to downtown Lansing. The massive 150 thousand square foot development will occupy a 4.15-acre portion of land on the 600 block of Michigan avenue, kitty corner from Cooley Law School Stadium…

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While it’s hard to turn over a new leaf and embrace a healthier lifestyle it becomes easier to do when it feels like more of a social norm. Studies show that a growing number of conference attendees don't just enjoy healthy options at an event - they're demanding them…

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