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Antique Shopping in Lansing

If you love antiques, you already know that visiting a flea market or other vintage shop isn't just a typical shopping experience. Browsing through historic goods is remembering days past, and bringing home a trinket from childhood is sharing a little piece of yourself with your family. So go take a trip down memory lane by visiting one of Greater Lansing's antique stores, flea markets or vintage shops and make history come alive. 

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Located in one of Lansing's surrounding communities, Mason is home to Simply Vintage, with multiple buildings. Be sure to check out their large variety of unique antiques. Mid Century, Jewelry, Lamps, Furniture, Records plus a small comic shop and Rose Marie, a local artisan with hand crafted gifts.

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Celebrate History

If you love perusing through items from the past, then you will love attending one of Greater Lansing historical festivals. See a wide range of antique Oldsmobiles at Annual Oldsmobile Homecoming or take a blast to the past when you attend Charlotte's Frontier Days that also features a flea market. Check out our History Buffs page to view full list of events and to also learn more about Greater Lansing's background.

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