When you think in your mind about a theater, what do you see? Is it sitting in a recliner with a bucket of popcorn on your lap waiting for the lights to dim and the trailers of upcoming movies to show? Or are you jumping to your feet for a standing ovation for an incredible live performance? Is it Broadway musicals or a movie thriller? Greater Lansing has it all. 

Movie theaters with all the bells and whistles complete with an X-treme screen at NCG Cinema and an IMAX screen at Celebration Cinema. There’s also Studio C! in Meridian Township the latest movies plus the option of great food delivered to your seat. 

Theatre comes in the form of touring Broadway shows, Community, equity and children’s theater productions and other performances. 

Wharton Center for Performing Arts is Michigan's largest performing arts venue bringing the best of Broadway and performing arts to Greater Lansing. Other area theatre companies are Riverwalk Theatre, Williamston Theatre, Starlight Dinner Theatre, Andromeda Community Theatre and Peppermint Creek Theatre Company.

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