Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Greater Lansing CVB & Greater Lansing Sports Authority

The GLCVB and GLSA are committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive community for all visitors. Please read below to learn more about our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

The GLCVB and GLSA will champion the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. We will celebrate our region’s rich heritage and community. We will foster an authentic, universally accessible, and welcoming destination for all.

Allyship Letter of Commitment

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee at Destinations International, the global trade association for convention and visitors bureau, has released an Allyship Letter on behalf of its global membership. Like so many aspects of our society, there are long-standing systemic challenges that continue to create impediments to providing our colleagues from underrepresented communities with equitable access to the same opportunities that we’ve always enjoyed as members who identify as being a part of the White community. The GLCVB proudly stands with our association members at Destination International in support of this Allyship Letter.

Through support of the Allyship letter, the GLCVB formally commits that substantive, relevant, and measurable goals around DEI will be included in our organizations’ annual business plans for 2022, and in perpetuity moving forward. And to ensure that there is both transparency and accountability regarding these commitments, we will be reporting these goals and the corresponding results to Destinations International, as our industry trade association.

View the GLCVB's Allyship Letter of Commitment

Action Steps

The GLCVB acknowledge that the work of integrating DEI principles throughout the organization is an ongoing process. Here are a few action steps to date:

  • The GLCVB established a DEI Committee that reports to the Board of Directors
  • The GLCVB established a staff level DEI Committee to address internal initiatives for team members
  • Engaged Tourism Diversity Matters, a leader in this space in the hospitality community, to guide our efforts with our Board and staff and to conduct an organizational assessment
  • Actively seek and promote diverse members
  • Promote the region’s rich history in our website and print materials
  • Create destination wide accessibility information for visitors to understand the assets and resources within the community.
  • Provide resources on Sensory friendly offerings and training to hospitality partners about Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Support and promote diverse festivals and events such as Cristo Rey Fiesta, Juneteenth Celebrations and more.
  • Staff have undergone DEI training (ongoing)

Community Points of Pride

MSU was the first university/college to have an alliance of queer and ally students organization in the entire state of Michigan. Their Alliance of Queer and Ally Students began in the early 1970s, the first Dubbed Michigan State Gay Liberation Movement.

Bilingual students represent 19% of the Lansing School District population.

The Lansing School District has welcomed students from 73 different countries who speak 59 languages.