When you’re ready for drinks and a night on the town, Greater Lansing provides any vibe to fit your mood. Ready to sip a craft cocktail mixed to perfection with locally sourced ingredients? Looking for a low key spot with a great wine list? Or searching for cheap drinks to pair with good times with a group of your oldest friends? Perhaps you simply want to see the behind the scenes workings of craft beer production? The bars, pubs, taverns, wineries, distilleries and craft breweries dotted throughout mid-Michigan have something for everyone. Our local libations are sure to please! Explore the many listings offered here and start planning your getaway. 

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Sign up today and receive discounts, rewards and prizes as you accumulate points while you check in to each location and enjoy each facilities’ offerings. Whether you love a good craft brewery, artisan distillery or boutique winery, Greater Lansing has something just for you. No apps to download and it’s totally FREE!

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