Love Lansing Like A Local

Want the recipe for a perfect weekend getaway? How about a destination full of diverse dining, craft cocktails and micro-brews, live music, exciting attractions and vibrant art districts? You’ll find all of that and more as you discover the urban DNA of Greater Lansing - the essence of Downtown Pure Michigan. Love Lansing like a local and we promise, you'll love Lansing as much as we do!

Take the LAN150 Challenge

We challenge you to the LANS150 Challenge. See if you can stop at each attraction. Be sure to make proper accommodations and plan out your meals!

Cultural Attractions

A strength of the Greater Lansing community is our cultural heritage and deep historical ties. Come explore these local cultural…

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Mid-Michigan's agricultural heritage is on display at these attractions.

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Arts & Theatre

Art comes in many forms and can be found at these many attractions.

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Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the beauty of these outdoor attractions.

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Go green! As in, head to the golf course, we mean.

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