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The Greater Lansing area wants you to be healthy and safe while visiting. Our hotels, restaurants and attractions have taken the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge for your health and well being. Please visit our Safe Pledge page for details.

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Family Farms & Markets

Greater Lansing’s location in the heart of Michigan definitely has its perks; like being surrounded with apple orchards, pumpkin patches and vegetable farms. Plus, it provides locals and visitors with the ability to enjoy seasonal offerings like pick your own apples at Uncle John’s Cider Mill.

What's better than visiting the cider mill in fall to eat doughnuts and drink cider? Visiting the cider mill in the summer to taste-test locally made wines. Well, actually, they're both pretty awesome in our book! If you love fresh, seasonal produce and heading outdoors you'll love visiting one of Greater Lansing's cider mills or farmers markets.

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