Things To Do at Michigan State University

If there's one place in Greater Lansing that you could go and spend an entire weekend, it's Michigan State University! Yes, student activities and higher learning take center stage but visitors can find so much more! MSU's campus is home to a nationally recognized museum, beautiful gardens, carillonneurs, Big Ten athletics, one of the nation's largest cafeterias and that's just to name a few.

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Experience MSU

Abrams Planetarium

Rediscover the wonders of the universe at Abrams Planetarium. The sky theatre features fantastic star shows produced by a digital star projector…

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MSU Museum

The MSU Museum is an innovative and experimental collaboratory that exists to catalyze creativity. Here, people can openly explore, express, and…

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MSU Bug House

Did you know that a cricket's ears are on its knees? Or that a fly has taste buds on its feet? A visit to the Bug House will explain these…

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Beaumont Tower

Beaumont Tower marks the site of Old College Hall-the first building in America erected for instruction in scientific agriculture. A gift from…

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The Greater Lansing Experience Pass is your guide to top attractions, cultural museums, exciting entertainment centers, and family-friendly opportunities throughout Michigan's Capital region. Download the free digital pass to access deals and discounts as you check into dozens of attractions and accumulate points to earn prizes.

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