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Thousands of convention attendees head to Greater Lansing every year and we take pride in making things easy for them, as well as all those in event planning roles. In fact the GLCVB Services team and event planners work together, as smooth and effective as a handshake. As the event date arrives the GLCVB helps the planner promote the conference to attendees and the CVB promotes the Greater Lansing community as a fun and welcoming host city. The following tools will give you just what you need to get started planning a great meeting in Michigan's capital city.

Please reach out to us today to see how we can support your upcoming meeting or event.

Maps and Directions

Through online map functionality and downloadable PDF file maps, we have lots of ways here for you and your attendees to find your way to, and around, Greater Lansing. View Maps and Directions.

Official Welcome Letters

Personalized letters of welcome to your attendees from area mayors and/or the governor of the state of Michigan can be a distinctive addition to an event program. 

Program Planning 

From speaker suggestions to coordination of off-site events and more, we're happy to help with any and all aspects of putting a great event together! 

Companion Tour Planning 

Are you or your attendees planning on bringing a loved one along to the meeting or event? Sounds great! We can offer assistance with tours, custom itineraries, and more. 

Visitor Guides 

Every year the Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau puts together a free and totally comprehensive guide of everything to see and do in the area. Request visitor guides for your event.

Photo Gallery 

Need great area photos for a presentation or event program booklet? Look no further! We have a photography gallery available to you!

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Brandie Putnam

Brandie Putnam, CMP, CTA Senior Convention Services Manager



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Jenn Morden

Jenn Morden, CTA, CMP Convention Services & Events Manager



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