It wasn’t until 2015 that the city of Lansing got its very first distillery, American Fifth Distillery. But we must admit that Red Cedar Spirits led the charge first, distilling whiskeys, gins, bourbon, brandy and vodka with scientific expertise in a repurposed building in East Lansing. Michigrain has a state-of-the-art facility and produces neutral grain spirits to provide the increased demands of the rapidly growing craft spirits industry.

Most distilleries in Greater Lansing source their grain and products from local growers and produce smooth, crisp and clean spirits. Their cocktail lounges and tasting rooms offer hand crafted cocktails that are innovative using their own spirits. Many will share their recipes so you can buy a bottle (or two) and head home to replicate what you’ve enjoyed. 

If you are looking for exceptional spirits and cocktails, then Greater Lansing is the place to be with great tasting rooms, cool cocktail bars and the best mixed drink recipes that you can imagine. You can enjoy your drinks on site, purchase bottles to take home, or best of all-do both!

Makers & Shakers Trail – Like free stuff? The region boasts over 20 breweries, wineries and distilleries. Pick up a Makers & Shakers pamphlet at one of the participating locations; inside you'll find a stamp card. Visit at least 12 of the locations then send in the completed card for a free commemorative gift! Download and preview a PDF of the Makers and Shakers brochure.

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