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The Greater Lansing area wants you to be healthy and safe while visiting. Our hotels, restaurants and attractions have taken the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge for your health and well being. Please visit our Safe Pledge page for details.

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Accessibility in Lansing

The Greater Lansing region prides itself on being a welcoming community and strives to provide the best experience to all guests that visit. We are always working to accommodate visitors and make our services more accessible for all travelers with all needs. 


From sensory-friendly to ADA-compliant attractions, Greater Lansing has a wide assortment of options to make everyone's experience enjoyable.

Find accessible attractions.

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Some Accessible Attractions

Wharton Center

Wharton Center offers many accessibility options, including open captioning, sign language interpretation, sensory-friendly shows, wheelchair…

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Michigan History Museum

All exhibit spaces at the Michigan History Museum are wheelchair accessible. The museum offers a wheelchair rental option. Some exhibits offer…

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Coming Soon Attractions!

Grand Ledge ASL Bike Racks

The City of Grand Ledge is looking for partners to help bring an interactive and functional bike rack project to the GL Splashpad. The project…


Choose from a wide variety of accommodations in the Greater Lansing region that cater to travelers with special needs. 

Find hotels that are ADA Compliant.  


Find restaurant options in the Greater Lansing region that offer options such as ADA compliance, ADA doors, wheelchair accessibility, parking accessibility, lower counters, family restrooms, and more. 

Meetings, Conventions & Conferences

Most venues within the Greater Lansing region are ADA compliant and will provide additional options for those with special needs. 

Travel & Transportation

The Capital Region International Airport makes air travel easier with convenient parking spaces, curbside ramps, elevators with standard ADA graphics and braille markings, wheelchair assistance, and more.

Guide dogs are welcome in all public spaces as well as on the plane to travel with you. 

Most Amtrack stations in major cities are fully accessible.

Amtrak offers accommodations for wheelchair mobility devices, transfer accessible steps, accessible rooms, special dietary options, service animals in all areas where passengers are allowed, oxygen transportation, and more. 


Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) provides public transportation to most places in the Greater Lansing region.

CATA buses and facilities are designed with accessibility in mind. Fixed-route buses have a low-floor design for easier boarding and have audio systems that announce major destinations and transfer points to assist visually impaired passengers and others. 

In addition, CATA offers large print schedules, bus hailing kits, Michigan Relay Center Voice TDD, and welcomes all service animals. 

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