Safe Pledge Cleaning Crowne Plaza

The Greater Lansing region wants you to be healthy and safe while visiting. Our hotels, restaurants and attractions have taken the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge for your health and well being. Please visit our Safe Pledge page for details.

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Planning Checklists

We're all about helping you out and making things easier for you. These planning checklists will help you prepare and stay organized throughout the phases of planning your next event in the Greater Lansing Area. Click the links, print them and use them!

Initial Planning Checklist

This initial planning checklist will help you get ready to plan your event. Don't worry, we've thought of everything.

Facility Guidelines Checklist

This is our facility guidelines checklist. Once you have chosen a meeting facility, this checklist will help you make sure the facility is prepared for your event. 

On-site Checklist

Important and unexpected issues are bound to arise once your event begins. This on-site conference checklist will help make sure you are prepared for everything - even the unexpected.

Post-conference Checklist

After your conference is a critical time to evaluate success. Use this comprehensive post-conference checklist to ensure you have followed-up with your many partners, hosts and attendees. 

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