The world of meetings and events continues to evolve. The industry is currently seeing an increased focus on inclusivity, unique experiences, budget-conscious and sustainable events, and more. Here are five key trends driving the future of meetings both in Lansing, Michigan, and nationwide.

Accessibility and inclusion are no longer buzzwords, but essential pillars of successful meetings. Attendees expect events that cater to a range of physical, cognitive, and sensory abilities.

Named a top travel destination in the US for autism families, Lansing boasts a plethora of accessible venues, hotels, restaurants, sensory-inclusive events, and digital resources. Meeting planners and attendees can use AbleVu to virtually tour and find accessibility information for local hotels, venues, restaurants, and other facilities.

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Budget consciousness is key as inflation continues to impact the US. With competitive hotel rates, affordable catering options, and readily available free attractions like the MSU Broad Art Museum, your event dollar goes a long way in Greater Lansing, especially compared to larger cities.

Additionally, many of our facilities and vendors prioritize sustainability and offer zero-waste options for events. Plan a zero-waste event with the Lansing Center, or work with vendors like HopCat, which uses compostable materials for disposables.

Forget passive lectures and generic presentations. Today's attendees seek immersive, memorable experiences that connect them to a destination and spark creativity. In Lansing, you can book your event at unique venues like the Michigan Princess Riverboat, High Caliber Karting, or Zap Zone XL.

Capture your attendees’ attention with hands-on workshops with local florists like Sparrow Bloom, a culinary class with local bakeries like Sweet Encounter or Le Chat Gourmet, or indoor simulated golf fun at X-Golf

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Learn more about industry trends in this meetings forecast by AmEx Global Business Travel.


Photo credit: Andrew Schmidt, Gennara Photography, Choose Lansing

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