Set Yourself Up for a Gratifying 2019 NOW

We all think about New Year’s Resolutions in January but why not start implementing a few rewarding concepts right now?

A colleague told me about something she does every week that I can’t wait to implement (starting this week)!

Every Friday afternoon she takes 60 minutes, centers herself, takes a deep breath and focuses on the following:

1.    What are 3 things that happened this week that you are thankful for? – We tend to do this during the month of November but why not recognize those things that you’re thankful for all year long?

2.    Make a list of three tangible goals for the upcoming week – you may remember from my last blog that I LOVE making lists and checking things off. Putting things down in print helps you hold yourself to accomplishing them. It’s a practice of the successful.

3.    Read one chapter/article written by someone successful – peruse LinkedIn and within minutes you can find a plethora of informative industry articles that your connections have shared.

4.    Write 1-2 hand written notes (or even shoot an email or text) to someone you met or communicated with recently and thank them– by the end of the year you will have positively impacted 52-104 people’s lives with a simple note! If you have a strong feeling about someone that’s positive - share it with them! You'll brighten their day and feel like you're sharing some light in the world.
By trying to bring these simple yet important things into your life you're certain to be in a place of contentment and peace throughout your year. Combine with that a natural focus and drive for success and you're certain to be a better person at this time next year - And isn’t that all we can ever ask?