Looking for a cool way to enjoy two of Greater Lansing’s finest offerings? Here is a list of our favorite pairings of locally brewed beers and hard ciders from Uncle John's Cider Mill, EagleMonk Pub and Brewery, Old Nation Brewing Company and Ozone's Brewhouse with complimentary flavors of MSU Dairy Store ice cream. You’re welcome!

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Uncle John’s Apple Cherry Hard Cider + Cow Tracks
The sweetness of the chocolate pieces and the little bit of tartness that comes from the cherry cider is the perfect combination of sweet and tart.

EagleMonk's Delta Porter + Izzo's Malted Madness
The combination of the Delta Porter with the combo of vanilla ice cream, a fudge swirl and malted milk balls is a slam dunk!

EagleMonk's Marcy St. Stout + Dantonio's Double Fudge Fake
Marcy Street Stout's chocolate and caramel malt flavors strengthen the caramel and chocolate in the ice cream. The subtle coffee taste in the beer pairs well with the chocolate fudge ice cream base. A winning combination!

Uncle John’s Blueberry Apple Hard Cider + Vanilla Bean ice cream
Keep it simple as these two flavors go hand in hand. The blueberry hints in the cider and the lush vanilla ice cream will make it taste like you are eating a blueberry pie. Delicious!

Old Nation’s Helles Lagar + Dantonio’s Double Fudge Fake
The subtle, yet sharp German hop notes of this multi-medal winning alt beer will pair well with the caramel malt notes of the ice cream. A winning combination!

Old Nation’s Brut IPA + Strawberry Cheesecake    
The sour beer with earthy undertones will contrast well with the acidity of the berries and cream cheese. An indescribably delicious pairing.

Old Nation’s Small Tide Hefeweizen + Banana Chocolate Chunk​
The banana and clove notes of this German wheat beer will blend seamlessly with the rich flavor of the ice cream.

Ozone's Brewhouse’s Kryptonale + Vanilla Ice Cream
The cherry vanilla amber, would go well with a rich vanilla ice cream. The vanilla, caramel, toffee, biscuit and cherry notes compliment the simple vanilla ice cream.

Ozone's Brewhouse’s Master of Shadows Porter + Orange Sherbet
The light roast and chocolate flavors of the porter combine perfectly with the creamy orange sherbet. Get out of the shadows and into light. Try this combo today!

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