We all know someone who can't wait until Spring arrives and the Greater Lansing golf courses open up and will play all season until the snow flies. I think I've figured out a theory for the big attraction to golf. While people may absolutely love golf, I'm going to hazard a guess that when they're done playing a round they are feeling better than they've felt, well, since last time they played golf. Psst. It's the health benefits of exercise and being out in nature. Physical activity really works wonders for the body. It improves your memory and brain function, reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, lowers blood pressure and improves heart health and improves your quality of sleep among other things.

Every time you Golf Lansing Like A Local you can achieve all kinds of great benefits. 

  • Golf is great exercise. The average course will have you walking four miles. By working your rear end, lower back, and abdominal muscles it will improve your balance and give you greater strength, mobility, and flexibility.
  • Golf stimulates your brain power. Physics, basic math, geometry, analysis of the engineering of equipment  , human physiology. Statistics figure in there too. And then there are the weather conditions to factor in. Wet greens? Winds from the northeast? Soggy terrain? Adjust. Adjust. Adjust.

Golf math

  • Golf creates opportunities to make new friends and business connections. Many a deal was struck on the golf course. Even if you have no connection to the strangers you may be playing with, you still all have golf as a common denominator. 

Golf Pals(pre-COVID photo)

  • Golf is a sport you can play into your old age. Although as you age your flexibility, vision and strength may diminish, people can enjoy the game throughout their whole lives.
  • Golf can be a family activity. Kids can start as early as age 2 and so many golfers will bring their children and grandchildren into the fold.
  • Golf is a safe COVID-friendly activity plus the health benefits of being out in nature are numerous.
  • Golf builds character. Whether it’s patience, improving decision making skills, determination, acceptance of defeat and a way to challenge yourself. Unless you’re highly competitive or playing in a tournament or outing, this is a game you’re playing against yourself.
  • Golf is relaxing. Playing a round of golf can release endorphins – natural, mood-enhancing chemicals within our brains, making you happier and relaxed.

Inspirational golf quote

Photo credit: Tom Gennara