Gifts for GrandparentsIts that time of year with thoughts of holiday shopping coming at us from all directions. You are barraged online, during TV commercials, receiving circulars in the mail and the various catalogues are piling up on the kitchen counter. And YET, its still hard to find the just right present for grandparents, godparents, special aunts and uncles. Believe me when I tell you that most people just want some quality time. What a great concept. Isnt that what everybody truly wants? Instead of stuff? The gift of time and the gift of experiencing something with those you love cannot be measured. As the American Express ads tell youits priceless. So in that spirit, here are some great ideas for grandparent gifts for the holidays. 1. Impression 5 Science Center membership Kids ages 1 to 101 can enjoy playing, creating memories and discovering the wonder of science together. I mean, really, who doesnt like to play with bubbles or visit the model railroad train set in the basement? Impression 5 has teamed up with AARP for November for Grandparents Month when kids can bring in their grandparents for free. How cool is that? Grandparent2. Nature Center memberships Discovering nature, walking the trails, learning about our natural surroundings is a great bonding experience for all generations in all seasons. Were fortunate to have Fenner, Woldumar and Harris Nature Centers right here in Greater Lansing. Get a family membership and get in touch with your wild side. 3. Wharton Center tickets If you check out the Wharton Center schedule, in addition to all their great Broadway shows and concerts, they have a great line-up called Act One Families Series on certain weekend matinees which is a super opportunity for kids and their grandparents to see a show thats age appropriate and that everyone will enjoy. 4. Lansing Lugnuts season tickets Whats cuter than seeing children and their grandparents at the ballpark together? Well, maybe puppies or kittens. But not much else. Season tickets to the Lansing Lugnuts will get you designated times together. Add some pop, a giant pretzel and maybe some hotdogs, and its a home run. 5. Golf dates to Little Hawk Little Hawk putting course is perfect for every age. Well, lets qualify that from about 7 years old and on up. Its an 18 hole course complete with sand traps and water hazards. They say that golf knows no age, and this is a great way to introduce the younger ones to a great life-long sport, and will help improve the putting skills of everyone. ***Note: These gift ideas work both ways. Perhaps grandparents would like to gift these to their grandchildren and their families. Time and experience trumps stuff any day.