LANSING, Mich. - The Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau (GLCVB), along with
the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, is pleased to announce the completion of a special work of
that celebrates the city of Lansing through its depiction of famous residents and long-time area
landmarks and businesses. One thousand prints of the original drawing have been made and are currently
available at no cost at the offices of the GLCVB and the Lansing Regional Chamber.

"For organizations such as ours that sell the Greater Lansing area to visitors and potential
businesses and investors, you gain a special understanding about the importance of community history,"
said Lee Hladki, President of the GLCVB. "The individuals depicted, and the businesses displayed in the
piece, really reflect who we are and what makes Greater Lansing truly great."

Over 135 businesses paid a sponsorship fee to be included in the poster, which includes historical
figures such as Ransom E. Olds, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Burt Reynolds and Duffy Daugherty, to name
just a few. Long-time area businesses, as well as quintessential Lansing landmarks, such as the Capitol
Building, Turner-Dodge Mansion and the General Motors Delta Township Plant are also included. The
artist, Bruce Loeschen of Community Creations, is known nationally for his detailed pen and ink
depictions of communities, showcasing their historical spirit and commercial business landscape.

For more information about the posters or to ask further questions about acquiring them call the
GLCVB at 517-487-0077 or the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce at 517-487-6340.