Lansing, Michigan-October 2, 2015-On October 1st, The GLCVB and Lansing Center announced staffing structure changes at the convention center that are sure to turn the heads of customers and competitors alike. Effective immediately, the role of Lansing Center's Vice President of Sales and Marketing will change to Vice President of Sales and Services enabling several key customer service delivery personnel to fall under the leadership of the sales department.

"Customers report that the convention industry often struggles with the smooth and efficient transition of their journey from the sales process to the delivery of those promises. The changes we are implementing, with the support of our CVB partner, will enable us to streamline and enhance the customer journey. We feel we are at the forefront of destination collaboration with this bold move," said Scott Keith, CEO of the Authority that oversees Lansing Center.

Jack Schripsema, CEO of the GLCVB, echoed Keith's comments. "For three years now, our organizations have worked together to streamline and improve our convention sales process. We have had significant improvement, bringing many new and returning customers to our convention center. This new step will help us ensure we are delivering the best possible experience for these and all of our convention visitors."

The newly created role of Vice President of Sales and Services is filled by Gus Pine, who, until now, held the position of overseeing sales and marketing for the Lansing Center. Pine has occupied a liaison role between the Bureau and convention center since 2012, when it was created upon his arrival. "Many bureaus and convention facilities around the country have relationships," said Pine. "The level at which we collaborate, however, goes far beyond what others are doing. The bold steps our leaders are taking speak to our commitment to innovation and towards the enhancement of our customer's experience."

The current changes underway are, in part, a direct result of customer feedback. The Center reports that customers have identified the passage from booking to execution as an area of opportunity. In addition, the entities worked together last year to engage a Customer Advisory Committee to identify strengths and weaknesses from the minds of major convention planners. While no immediate changes are planned for impacted team members, swift improvements are anticipated on the customer end. Scott Keith added, " I anticipate some fairly quick announcements regarding a client recognition program, improvements for customer convenience, and a streamlined cost estimation processes to better address the needs of today's customer." Both organizations say they intend to continue to tap their customer base to help forge future innovations.