Sensory Friendly Activities

The Lansing region prides itself on being a welcoming community and it is our goal to provide the best experience to all guests that visit. Therefore, the Greater Lansing CVB is collaborating with regional attractions to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental disabilities, sensory processing disorder, and other neuro diverse individuals and their families. Many attractions and hotels have undergone training to better meet the needs of our neuro diverse guests. The facilities listed below offer sensory-friendly performances, activities and events. Please contact them directly for details.


Wharton Center has collaborated with a coalition of educators, therapists, support organizations, community experts and volunteers well versed in ASD to advise, facilitate and lead in the presentation of Sensory-Friendly Performances (SFPs). Find Wharton SFPs here

Call (517) 432-2000 for more information.

The Abrams Planetarium offers sensory friendly shows on the third Sunday of every month at 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. These shows will run with the lights up, the sound down, and the theater doors open so people can move about as needed. A place to "chill out" is provided in the lobby. All shows include a live star talk about what is up in the sky that night which follows a short break between the main show and star talk. Information about what to expect during the show will be provided when you purchase tickets. 

Click here or call (517) 355-4676 for more information.

Lights up! Sound down! Enjoy the BIG SCREEN experience in an accepting environment at Celebration Cinema. Developed in partnership with Family Hope Foundation, Sensory Showtimes make movies extra welcoming to guests with special needs. Click here for sensory showtimes.

Call (517) 272-9289 for more information.

NCG Sensory Friendly Movies are shown without previews, the sound lowered and the lights up. Talking, shouting, screaming and running in the theater is allowed. Certified by Special Need Communities.  Find sensory friendly movies at NCG Cinema here

Call (517) 316-9101 for more information.

Special Programs

FALCONERS (Families of Alternative Learners Connecting Empathy, Responsibility and Stewardship) is a program which gives children with autism and their entire families opportunities to have engaging and meaningful experiences in a safe, welcoming and inclusive setting at Potter Park Zoo (PPZ).  Thematic FALCONERS events are held each month throughout the year and feature three hours of fun, educational and interactive activities with elements and options for all age and cognitive levels, are appropriate for guests no matter where they fall on the autism spectrum, and these activities are also designed to engage siblings and other family members in the fun and learning. Learn More!

Call (517) 342-2713 for more information.

The Equine Interactive Therapeutic Learning Programs at SierraRose Farms & Healing Hearts with Horses methodically and slowly introduce those on the spectrum in a way that makes them comfortable with the situation and at ease with their miniature horses.  The facilitators provide patience, kindness and consistency.  The horses “tell them” everything they need to know which reflects back to their everyday life situations.  Participants move at their own speed while being gently guided to expand their horizons.  They pride themselves on having an emotionally and physically safe environment for all who attend.

Click here or call (517) 243-9208 for more information.

Virtual Tours - Experience the Facility Before Visiting

Most visitors to the Michigan State Capitol come to tour the building, observe legislative session, or participate in the legislative process by meeting with legislators or testifying before legislative committees.  The goal of the Michigan State Capitol Commission and Capitol staff is to ensure that every person visiting the Michigan State Capitol is treated with respect. Everyone should be able to enjoy a tour, observe the legislature, and participate in the legislative process. 

State Capitol Virtual Tour!

Call (517) 373-2353 for more information.

Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center is free and open to the public and offers a virtual tour of the facility for guests to become familiar with the space prior to experiencing the gallery in person. The Gallery’s new program – Art Encounter: SEE | CONNECT | CREATE families are encouraged to explore Lansing Art Gallery in a new capacity including a fun and interactive self-guided activity in the exhibition space and an art-making experience in the Education Center. This program is also free and open to the public. 

Lansing Art Gallery Virtual Tour

Call (517) 374-6400 for more information. 

Accommodations Available - Contact In Advance

The Visitor Center at Fenner offers exhibits that accommodate a variety of learning levels , each with varying stimulation so all visitors can engage with the exhibits at their own level of comfort.  The Center also recently installed sensory safe LED lighting and keeps its tablets/audio visual features at sensory safe volume levels. 

Call (517) 483-4224 for more information.


Preuss Pets is a Pet Store with a Purpose. We encourage meaningful connections between people and pets by providing healthy animals, quality pet products, and community education. Winner of the National Retail Educator of the Year award in Pet Product News, Preuss Pets strives to provide an educational experience for everyone who visits. Visitors will be greeted by an in-store river bursting with colorful koi fish and even have an opportunity to feed them! Other attractions include our classroom, a safari bus, and a fish department full of calming underwater fish. Guests can call our education coordinator in advance to arrange a private tour.

Call (517) 599-5656 for more information.

Woldumar Nature Center sits on 178 acres of woodland, prairie and wetland terrains, with over a mile of shoreline on the Grand River.  Walk along trails and observe the new and exciting differences during each season of the year. Each family member can find something of interest here! Guests can call the Nature Center in advance to determine sensory friendly times to visit. 

Call (517) 322-0030 for more information.