Accessibility Guide

Greater Lansing prides itself on being a welcoming community and strives to provide the best experience to all guests who visit. We are always working to accommodate visitors and make our services more accessible for travelers with all needs. 

This guide lists attractions, hotels, museums, and recreational activities to discover based on your needs. 

If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us

Accessible amenity information for individual businesses was gathered through a research project with MSU's School of Hospitality Business in the summer of 2023. Please contact each individual property for specific details.

Did You Know?

Lansing was recently named one of the top cities in the U.S for Autism families by Accessible Journeys Magazine. Read the article Top destinations for autism families in the U.S. for more information. 

Accessibility Experiences

Things To Do

From sensory-friendly to ADA-compliant attractions, Greater Lansing has a wide assortment of options to make everyone's experience…

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Outdoor Recreation

Whether you're looking to kayak the Grand River, spend a day on the beach, or traverse a trail, Greater Lansing has outdoor…

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Choose from a wide variety of accommodations in the Greater Lansing region that cater to travelers with special needs.

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Transportation & Parking

From airplanes to trains to buses and everything in-between, find accessible-friendly transportation in the Greater Lansing…

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Sensory Inclusive

Find sensory-inclusive performances, activities and events in Greater Lansing!

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Find restaurant options in the Greater Lansing region that offer options such as parking accessibility, lower counters, family…

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Under the Radar Visits Lansing's Accessible Atttractions

Lansing is "AbleVu Accessible"

Lansing has the honor of being the first city to be certified in the newly launched AbleVu Accessible Cities program. This program is created by a local business, AbleVu, with the intention of providing virtual walk-thru tours of the inside of public spaces for accessibility and marketing.

“The purpose of this virtual tour hosting site is so people with disabilities can explore the city before they visit,” CEO and co-founder of AbleVu, Meegan Winters, explained. “This way, people know what cities they can at least get basic information from with these tours without calling. Exploring these sites ahead of time with the virtual tour hosting site relieves stress and anxiety when traveling, not just for people with disabilities but for everyone.” 

For more information on the AbleVu Accessible city certification please visit learn more about AbleVu, check out this video at

Accessibility Resources

Choose Lansing has someone certified in Accessible Tourism who is able to assist with specific questions about traveling to our community. Please email to discuss any further assistance that we can provide.

Choose Lansing has a Certified Autism Travel Professional able to assist with specific questions about traveling to our community. Please email to discuss any further assistance that we can provide.

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