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The Greater Lansing region wants you to be healthy and safe while visiting. Our hotels, restaurants and attractions have taken the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge for your health and well being. Please visit our Safe Pledge page for details.

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Meeting Planner Social Media Tool Kit

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The Greater Lansing CVB is excited to host your upcoming event. In order to help make things as easy as possible for you to engage with your attendees, we have provided the following sample social media posts. Feel free to customize as needed for FacebookInstagram or Twitter. We hope that with a simple copy and paste from our custom microsite, you can begin educating your attendees about what to expect, generate buzz about the region, and promote Lansing as the destination of your event.

Categories for Social Media


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Save the date! Greater Lansing is excited to host (#insertyourgrouphashtag) on date. #lovelansing



Greater Lansing is set to host (#insertyourgrouphashtag). Have you booked your accommodations yet? Don’t delay! #lovelansing Add microsite link.


2020 Greater Lansing Visitor Guide Cover Image

Greater Lansing is set to host (#insertyourgrouphashtag). Plan your free time at or request a visitor guide today! #lovelansing Add microsite link.


Capitol Winter

Welcome to Greater Lansing! The community has rolled out the red carpet for (#insertyourgrouphashtag)  Have a great event! #lovelansing Add microsite link.


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Downtown Lansing

Know before you go! Visit  for parking options in Downtown Lansing. (#insertyourgrouphashtag)  #lovelansing


Grab and Go CATA

Looking for an easy way to get to lunch? Hop aboard the Grab & Go Express. This trolley will take you between Downtown Lansing and Old Town Lansing for food, shopping and fun! (#insertyourgrouphashtag) #lovelansing



(#insertyourgrouphashtag), have you noticed the scooters around Lansing? Feel free to download the Bird or Lime App on your phone and make your way around Lansing! #lovelansing

Lansing is easy to navigate! Learn more about taking the trolley, scooter or walking to your destination while at (#insertyourgrouphashtag). #lovelansing

Dining & Nightlife

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Hey (#insertyourgrouphashtag) - Did you know there are over 15 bars and restaurants within walking distance of the Lansing Center? Find them on this handy map. #lovelansing

(#insertyourgrouphashtag), are you feeling like a foodie? Find the top Food Network Guy Fieri stops in Greater Lansing! #lovelansing #lansingfoodies



Planning an exciting night out in Lansing? Check out these places: (#insertyourgrouphashtag) #lovelansing


Food Truck

Hungry? Greater Lansing offers a wide variety of delicious food from fine dining to food trucks and more. Explore all these flavors during (#insertyourgrouphashtag). #lovelansing #lansingfoodies



Looking for gluten free or vegetarian options? Try out these Greater Lansing eateries! (#insertyourgrouphashtag) #lovelansing

Things to Do

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River Town Adventures

Plan your (#insertyourgrouphashtag) adventures in Greater Lansing! #lovelansing

MI History Center

Calling all history lovers at (#insertyourgrouphashtag)! Visit the Michigan Historical Museum during your afternoon break or take a tour of the State Capitol! #lovelansing


Sparty Statue

(#insertyourgrouphashtag) when you get a break visit Michigan State University Campus! There's many attractions to chose from gazing at art at the Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum, learning about bugs at the MSU Bug House, walk through many of the beautiful gardens and so much more! #lovelansing #msu


American Fifth

Need some special brews (#insertyourgrouphashtag)? Make your way to many of the breweries and distilleries in Greater Lansing! #lovelansing #makersandshakerstrail


Bad Brewing

Craft beer lover? Try craft beers and spirits on the Makers & Shakers Trail. #lovelansing #makersandshakerstrail


Polka Dots

(#insertyourgrouphashtag), it's time to go shopping in Lansing! Shop local Lansing art galleries, antique stores and even look at some beautiful handmade jewelry! Find the best shops: #lovelansing



 (#insertyourgrouphashtag) join in on the fun and Go Nuts as you watch Lansing's own minor league baseball team the Lansing Lugnuts play! #lovelansing #lansinglugnuts


Ignite logo

Spark your inner soccer fan by watching Lansing's only professional soccer team the Lansing Ignite! (#insertyourgrouphashtag), your sure to have fun at this event! #lovelansing #lansingignite


MSU Sparty

Go Green! Go White! Watch Lansing's favorite Spartan team this season! Learn more about all the Spartan sporting events you can attend after the (#insertyourgrouphashtag) meeting. #lovelansing #msu

After the Event

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Thank you for attending (#insertyourgrouphashtag). We hope you got a chance to experience Greater Lansing and plan to return with your friends and family soon! #lovelansing


Capitol Fireworks

(#insertyourgrouphashtag) thanks for stopping by! Plan your next visit around one of Greater Lansing's many festivals! #lovelansing

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