I-496 Rebuilding Project - 2023 Progress and Upcoming US-127 & I-496 Construction Project Update 

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) will invest approximately $82 million to rebuild I-496 and perform preventive maintenance and repairs on 17 bridges between Lansing Road and the Grand River.

I-496 has been widened to improve operations by connecting the Lansing Road and M-99 ramps with an auxiliary lane. This project will include resurfacing and sidewalk ramp upgrades along the I-496 service drives between M-99 (Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) and the Grand River, as those routes will be utilized as detours throughout the project. This seminar will update us on the following:

  • What Has Been Done?
  • What Still Needs To Be Done?
  • Estimated Project End Date?
  • How Will Traffic Be Affected?
  • Overview of Upcoming US-127 & I-496 Construction Project.

In 2023, at least one lane of I-496 will be open in each direction, with major work occurring between Lansing Road and M-99.

Since this is a design-build project, which means the contractor and their team designs the project and builds it, traffic impacts will be identified as the project goes through design. Ramp and bridgework is expected to impact surface streets as well. Announcements will be made in advance of these traffic impacts once the design is completed, with updates throughout work.

Below is a recording from the Tuesday, February 7, 2023 webinar. View the I-496 Rebuilding Lansing: 2022-2023 Document.