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The Greater Lansing area wants you to be healthy and safe while visiting. Our hotels, restaurants and attractions have taken the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge for your health and well being. Please visit our Safe Pledge page for details.

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CTA Newsletter

March 2022




During the annual meeting, the GLCVB recognized many of the region's 400 Certified Tourism Ambassadors that are dedicated to making every visitor experience a positive one. Those acknowledged include 34 CTAs that have served the community for five years and 52 CTAs that have served for 10 years. Amy Piper, CTA local author of 100 Things to Do in Lansing Before You Die was celebrated as the CTA Star of the Year.

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As we celebrate the 11th year of the CTA program we have some catching up to do in recognizing those who have been in the program for a number of years.   In 2021 and 2022, there were thirty-four CTAs who received their 5-year pins and fifty-two CTAs who received their 10-year pins.  Thank you to all who help make every visitor experience a positive one! 

5 Year Milestone

  • Ariel Backus
  • Keri Brown
  • Victoria Churchill
  • Patty Crowner
  • Josh Dalley
  • Amber Feldpausch
  • Valeri Gill
  • Sasha Glover
  • Kenric Hall
  • Emma Kauffman
  • Meghan Martin
  • Maria Mendez
  • Elise Penhollow
  • Andrea Smiley
  • Lisa Whiting Dobson
  • Melissa Winkel
  • Keanna Cannarile
  • Betsy DeRose
  • Sue Flores
  • Angel Forde
  • Becky Francoeur
  • Kara Grossman
  • Kimberly Hagy
  • Brenda Haight
  • Oliver Hope
  • Amy Jackson
  • Janet Lillie
  • Michelle Maki
  • Betsy Mappilaparampil
  • Cathy Mayhew
  • Eric Mogyoros
  • Wyatt Platte
  • Mallory Shenefield
  • Kristen Taylor

10 Year Milestone

  • Robin Babcock
  • Patricia Barnas
  • Cheryl Benjamin
  • Mindy Biladeau
  • Kerri Brown
  • Heidi Brown
  • David Buckenberger
  • Ashley BUrns
  • Julie Crowgey
  • Barbara Fensel
  • Barry Freed
  • Joy Gleason
  • Robin Goodenough
  • Mark Holland
  • Jim Jennings
  • Beth Jespersen
  • Scott Keith
  • Anne Lavender
  • Jennifer Marsh
  • Angela McComb
  • Amanda Nitz
  • Paul Pfeiffer
  • Melissa Schneider
  • Angela Sees
  • Carolyn Tody
  • Amanda Toy
  • Tristan Wright
  • Malinda Barr
  • Cristina Benton
  • Samantha Bite
  • Jodie Cady
  • Richard Curle
  • Barb Doyal
  • Bill Dubois
  • Bobbie Emerson
  • Kathryn Erwin
  • Sue Feenstra
  • Corri Harvey
  • Cally Hill
  • Jennica Janke
  • Tracie Kent
  • Katie Kiter
  • Sue Lindstrom
  • Kimberly Moore
  • Cat Olenick
  • Siri Rainone
  • Kristina Reitler
  • Natasha Shaw
  • Eric Sudol
  • Jennifer Sweet
  • Bonnie Wohlfert


  • Impression 5 Science Center - May 10 - 4:30-6:30 pm - held in conjunction with the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Impression 5 

  • Downtown Lansing – July 26 – 4:30-6:30 pm – featuring the Lansing Art Gallery 

  • Grand Ledge/Brickhaven Brewing Company – October 13 – 4:30-6:30 pm 


The GLCVB would like to thank the Wharton Center for Performing Arts for the chance to partner with them on some fabulous ticket giveaways for CTAs. On March 2, Jennifer Marsh and Joy Gleason were able to attend Mean Girls courtesy of Wharton Center. Both were picked during a random drawing at the CTA Virtual Meet Up on February 22nd. In order to be eligible for the tickets they had to share their experience on social media. We are so lucky to have a top-notch facility for Broadway level performances to come to the #LoveLansing region! We’re even more excited that they chose us to partner with to give awesome opportunities to our CTA’s!


The February “What Am I?” picture was a picture of the Cozy Koi Bed & Breakfast in downtown Lansing. Congratulations to M. A. Lee (Retired) and Kristi Schwartzly (City of Lansing) for the correct answer! 

The second and eighth people to email Anne Lavender at will win a prize! 


The Ledges in Grand Ledge are 300 million-year-old ancient sandstone rock formations spanning close to 5 miles along the Grand River.  When you visit the Ledges and you'll be standing next to the largest outcropping of rocks in Central Michigan. 

The Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau is proud to bring this exciting certification program to our region. The program strives to inspire and motivate our front-line employees and volunteers to turn every visitor encounter into a positive experience!

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