The corporate culture is alive and well in Greater Lansing. As home to some of the world's most innovative businesses, we are uniquely qualified to host your next corporate event. From unique event space choices to a wide range of lodging options to an award-winning CVB dedicated to your success, your event has found a home in Michigan's Capital City.

Six reasons why you should host your corporate event in Greater Lansing

  1. Greater Lansing is a growing insurance, banking and credit union hub. The world's largest automaker, General Motors, has its two most recent and technologically advanced facilities right here in Greater Lansing. How does that help you? Businesses that work with the insurance, financial and automotive industries are better positioned to attend corporate events and schedule meetings with Greater Lansing-based industry leaders.
  2. Michigan State University is instrumental in the development of medical research affecting pharmaceuticals, biodiesel and alternative energy research affecting automakers and suppliers, and food science research affecting food production and processing companies. It's all going on right here. Want to meet with the experts? Come to our backyard.
  3. Greater Lansing is centrally-located, offering high value at affordable rates in comparison with other Midwestern metropolitan areas.
  4. Direct access to state legislators can do a lot! Attend discussions or watch passage of a bill pertinent to your organization. Meet where they meet! Hosting your event in Michigan's Capital City significantly increases the likelihood of key state lawmakers attending your conference for a legislative panel, political action committee (PAC) reception and more.
  5. Greater Lansing is compact, easy to navigate and near the junction of major state highways. Downtown Lansing is only ten minutes from Capital Region International Airport.
  6. It's a fact. A lot of corporate deals and negotiations occur on the golf course. Greater Lansing offers over 30 golf courses within a 30-mile radius, some ranked best-in-class by Golf Digest Magazine.

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