Green Resources

With the Michigan State Spartans right in our backyard, the concept of GO GREEN is a very comfortable rallying cry for this area. The Greater Lansing CVB is proud to be part of the effort and tireless advocates of environmentally friendly practices and facilities in the region.

Download our Green Resources flyer as a PDF HERE.GreenLogo

GLCVB "Green" Friends

Venues - Convention Centers & Hotels 
  • Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center - Green Lodging Certified in 2007 - Partner Level
  • Lansing Quality Suites Hotel - Green Lodging Certified in 2007 - Steward Level
  • Country Inn & Suites - Green Lodging Certified in 2008 - Steward Level
  • East Lansing Marriott - Green Lodging Certified in 2009 - Partner Level
  • Comfort Inn & Suites of Lansing - Green Lodging Certified in 2009 - Steward Level
  • Cozy Koi Bed & Breakfast- Green Lodging Certified in 2009 - Partner Level
  • Lansing Center
    • First convention center in the country to attain certification through the Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities (SERF). SERF has created a Lansing Center case study which sets benchmarks for facilities nationwide.
    • Capital improvements are ENERGY STAR rated
    • Recycling of cardboard, paper and plastic bottles on-site
    • Heated sidewalks reduce use of ice melt products
    • Leftover food products are donated to Food Movers International
    • Green certified soap products, bio-friendly cleaners and paper products are 100% recycled paper

Off-Site Tours/Events 

Within close walking distance of the Lansing Center there are many free attractions: The State Capitol Building, Michigan Historical Museum, Hall of Justice, Supreme Court Learning Center and the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Monument. Other walkable attractions include The Michigan Walk of Fame, Museum Drive, Cooley Law School Stadium and the Lansing City Market.

Lansing's River Trail 

Lansing was named a "Cool Capital City" because of our eleven miles of scenic and winding boardwalk style River Trail.

Green Spaces 

Our parks and nature centers are a great place to spend time in the Greater Lansing area. Highlights include Cooley Gardens, Fenner Nature Center, Francis Park, Harris Nature Center, Hawk Island Park, Lake Lansing, Potter Park Zoo, Shigematsu Memorial Garden, Woldumar Nature Center and many more! 

Friends of Sleepy Hollow State Park was recognized with the Michigan Natural Resource Commission's Partners in Conservation Award.

Michigan State University - GO GREEN! 

MSU was one of only four institutions in the nation honored for its sustainability efforts at the annual conference of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education in September, 2007. MSU was recognized for making environmental stewardship a major part of its campus vision, committing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and offering academic programs and research projects related to sustainability.

MSU's High Performance Computing Center ranks 43rd on the Green500 List of the world's most energy efficient supercomputers.

The MSU office of Recycling and Waste Reduction was established in 1990. Programs are in place within Housing and Food Services and also Academic and Operation buildings to recycle white office paper, mixed office paper, newspaper, plastics, cardboard and metal - currently diverting 28% from landfills.

MSU attractions are abundant and are walkable to those meeting on/near campus: Abrams Planetarium, MSU Museum, Kresge Art Museum, Wharton Center, Horticulture Demonstration Gardens and Beaumont Tower.

Earth-Friendly GLCVB Members

Art Craft Display Group - Biodegradable material available for your event signs. 

Friedland Industries, Inc. - Operating in Lansing for over 120 years, they are a leader in the recycling industry in the state of Michigan. Services include scrap materials processing, paper recycling, electronic scrap processing, residential and industrial plastics recycling and document destruction.

Urban Options - One of Michigan's earliest ENERGY STAR rated buildings, the Urban Options Energy Center demonstrates how recycled and remodeled buildings can benefit the environment and the local economy.

Lansing's (City Wide) Greening Efforts - Resources & Programs

Board of Water & Light - With programs like Adopt-a-River, the BWL is always looking out for Lansing! With internal efforts like electric work vehicles, community efforts including renewable energy options and major conservation efforts including a hybrid biomass power plant, BWL is committed to its community.

Capital Area Transportation Authority - CATA is the first city bus system in the state to use full size hybrid diesel-electric buses, cutting emissions by 90% compared to conventional buses. CATA will host over 11 million riders this year, serving the community's 277,000 people living in CATA's 600 sq. mile service area.

CSO Project - When Lansing's 30-year Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Program is completed in the year 2020, the city will have:

  • Eliminated 1.65 billion gallons per year of CSO
  • Protected the Grand and Red Cedar Rivers, and the Great Lakes
  • Revitalized hundreds of miles of sanitary sewers and roads
  • Greater Lansing Area Go Green! Initiative

Greater Lansing Live Green Initiative - Live Green is a comprehensive effort designed to establish and promote a "green" ethic and raise awareness about environmental issues throughout the region's communities, businesses, and schools. Check it out.

Foster Community Center - Foster Community Center will soon be the first Community Center in Lansing to have a green roof thanks to the City of Lansing and The Garden Project. Green roofs help reduce the cost of heating and cooling buildings and improve air quality. Mayor Bernero joined neighborhood leaders and others in sowing some of the first seeds on the new roof.

Rain Gardens Downtown Lansing - Much more than beautiful; they are engineered bio-retention areas designs to help remove pollutants from storm water before it is released into the river. Lansing's public service department has constructed this demonstration project on our busy Michigan Avenue, which leads to the State Capitol Building. The project provides the opportunity to see rain gardens in an urban landscape and promote watershed stewardship in coordination with a display at nearby Impression 5 Science Center. Learn more about the Michigan Avenue Rain Gardens.

Recycling Resources

Dart Container - Offering an international leading-edge public recycling program for post-consumer polystyrene foam products like foam cups and containers, egg cartons and food/lunch trays.

Granger - Offers commercial composting services and a public recycling program for newspaper, glossy magazines and catalogs, corrugated cardboard and brown paper bags, boxboard, food and beverage containers, tin cans and aluminum, #1 plastic bottles and jugs, #2 colored plastic bottles and jugs, #2 milk jugs and office paper.

Friedland Industries, Inc. - Operating in Lansing for over 120 years, they are a leader in the recycling industry in the state of Michigan. Services include scrap materials processing, paper recycling, electronic scrap processing, residential and industrial plastics recycling and document destruction.