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The Greater Lansing area wants you to be healthy and safe while visiting. Our hotels, restaurants and attractions have taken the Greater Lansing Safe Pledge for your health and well being. Please visit our Safe Pledge page for details.

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Outdoor Activities

The outdoor activities are inviting us to get out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air! Greater Lansing has some of the best outdoor recreational opportunities to take advantage of in these warmer months. Go kayaking on the Grand River or take a hike on one of the Greater Lansing's scenic trails. These attractions, recreational and entertainment facilities are inviting you to come play this summer. Plan your adventures today!

Studio 10 WILX Interview with River Town Adventures

Watch the Studio 10 WILX Interview with River Town Adventures. Join River Town on one of Lansing's rivers, lakes, or trails and experience nature and the city in a new way, either by kayak, canoe, paddle board or bike!

Support Local Outdoor Activities

Want to Love Lansing Like A Local? We'll meet you on the river or in a park to enjoy all the great spaces and places that Greater Lansing has to offer.

Plan your adventure in Greater Lansing 


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