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Andromeda Community Theatre

105 S. Cochran Ave.
Charlotte, MI 48813
Phone: (269) 262-1943
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Andromeda Community Theatre is a fledgling community theatre organization based in Charlotte, Michigan, to serve Charlotte and the surrounding communities. The most direct route to understanding our mission is that expressed in our mission statement: “The mission of Andromeda Community Theatre is to enrich the community through theatrical performance and education in the dramatic arts; to provide theatrical opportunities for performers of all degrees of competency;and to promote social and cultural growth through participation in the performance and production of live theatre.” Theatre is inclusive, it combats after school delinquency, promotes literacy, increases spatial intelligence, explores multiple methods to problem solving, trains directly in many facets of the arts via workshops, in public speaking, places value on improvisation or “thinking on one’s feet,” and explores language, literature, and concepts of ethics and morality. Theatre almost invariably attracts other successful community members, such as teachers, health care providers and businessmen and women.
We promote social, mental, and physical health: Theatre aids the development of interpersonal skills and provides a body of peers with which to receive mental and physical feedback, regardless of race or creed, demands meta cognition and concentration, teaches personal accountability, reclusive behavior, and relieves stress by creating a positive feedback learning environment rather than one of pressure and high expectation. Acting and even technical support can require hours on one’s feet, moving during blocked scenes, constructing sets and in some instances dancing, encourages a healthy diet, instructs in proper stretching and warm ups, places an emphasis on proper breathing and posture.

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