Science in Space at Lansing Brewing Company

Venue: Lansing Brewing Company
Location: Lansing Brewing Company
Address: 518 E. Shiawassee St. Lansing, MI
Times: Starting: 07:00 PM
(517) 371-2600
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Join the MSU Science Festival for night of astronomy at Lansing Brewing Company!

Our Ancestors: The Evolution of Stars
Presented by Dr. Elias Aydi

Evolutionary biology has already settled the debate that humans descend from the great apes (hominids) family. In addition, the discovery of DNA has made it difficult to doubt that all living organisms on Earth share a common ancestor. This is the story you hear from an evolutionary biologist. As much as this is true, as an astronomer I have a different version of the story and if you ask me who or what are our ancestors, my answer would be, "stellar explosions"! Join in on a cosmic trip going back in time to gaze up upon our evolutionary process, learn about stellar explosions, and meet our ancestors!

Night Sky in Lansing
Presented by Dr. Shannon Schmoll and Abrams Planetarium

Check out what is up in the night sky in our portable dome at Lansing Brewing Company.

Building Better Space Teams: Tracking Team Interactions, Conflict, and Attitudes in Space Mission Analogs
Presented by Jenna Van Fossen and Daniel Griffin

April 13, 2020
Location: 518 E. Shiawassee St., Lansing Brewing Company, MI
Phone: (517) 371-2600
Time: 7:00 PM

Science in Space at Lansing Brewing Company