Lansing Common FC vs Lavonia City FC

Location: Lansing Eastern High School
Address: 220 N Pennsylvania Ave Lansing, MI
Times: 06:00 PM
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Come out and support Lansing's newest soccer club.


Our Mission is to be a soccer club that represents our community. We believe by bringing people together from all walks of life, listening to each other’s ideas, and working collectively, we can be a club that truly represents our great city.

Our Vision is that by creating a club rooted in community, and by growing it slowly and sustainably, we’ll be able to have a team here in Lansing for the long haul. It will allow us to develop our own supporter culture that is uniquely Lansing while providing local players and coaches a platform to elevate their skills and get noticed. It will be a club everyone in Lansing is proud to call our own.

We compete in the Midwest Premier League, a group of like-minded clubs focused on sustainability, promoting high-level competition, and participating in regional and national cup competitions. Other teams in our division include Livonia City FC, LK St. Clair, and BiH Grand Rapids. Our season will run mid-May through early August.

We are a 501c3 non-profit built and run by supporters. We’re led by a volunteer board and our goal is to use this soccer club to support soccer at all levels in the Lansing community.

July 31, 2021
Location: 220 N Pennsylvania Ave, Lansing Eastern High School, MI
Time: 06:00 PM

Lansing Common FC vs Lavonia City FC