Hawk Island Triathlon

Venue: Hawk Island Park
Location: Hawk Island Park
Address: 1601 E. Cavanaugh Rd. Lansing MI LANSING, MI
Admission: Varies, free for spectators
Contact: Kathie Dunbar
(517) 374-5700
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You know what they call the last person to finish a triathlon? A TRIATHLETE.

The Hawk Island Triathlon is a beginner-friendly event designed for people of all ages, body types, fitness levels and abilities. We offer a safe and supportive environment, and we make accommodations wherever possible for persons with disabilities.

Sure, we have hardcore competitors who race for gold. We also have Aunt Betty, the kid who cuts your lawn, and Bob from finance. Whether they race to win or race to finish, they are all TRIATHLETES. Are you ready to join them?

The Sprint distance is perfect for beginners and experienced athletes who like a "warm-up" event to start the summer triathlon season. The Mini Sprint is available for those who want the multisport experience at a more doable distance. Participants range in age from 8 to 80+.

Not ready to TRI it alone? We've got you covered with relay options.

Hey moms and dads...why not make the Hawk Island Triathlon your go to event for family fitness? Use this time to model healthy habits that last a lifetime. Your kids are never too young to swim, bike, and run!

On Saturday, June 1, we have a kids triathlon with varying distances for ages 1-14. The swim course is shallow enough that Goldfish and Dolphins can touch at all times, and the entire kids race is within Hawk Island County Park, providing optimum safety for racers & visibility for parents.

Think your child is too young? Think again... We see baby triathletes in swim diapers and floaties, and they are adorable! From toddlers to teens, millennials to boomers, we've got the perfect race for every generation of multi-sport athletes.

June 2, 2019
Location: 1601 E. Cavanaugh Rd. Lansing MI, Hawk Island Park, MI
Phone: (517) 374-5700
Time: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Price: Varies, free for spectators

Hawk Island Triathlon