Brrs, Beards, & Brews: A Lumberjack Festival

Venue: Old Town Lansing
Location: Old Town
Address: 1232 Turner St. Lansing, MI
Admission: Free (suggested donation)
(517) 485-4283
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Don your best flannel and facial hair and join us for the third annual Brrs, Beards and Brews: A Lumberjack Festival! We're once again braving the mean February streets of Old Town (otherwise known as the 1200 block of Turner Street) to share with the world Michigan's Least Professional Beard Competition, the amazing Feats of Strength (requiring both brawn and brains), bourbon, beer, games and food, all set to a fabulous playlist.

Back by request (at least we had fun), is Michigan's least professional beard and mustache competition! Do you have what it takes to win? Start growing or creating your mad whisker plan now so you don't embarrass yourself on Leap Year.

Start flexing those brain and brawn muscles, gather four friends to create a co-ed team and register for Old Town's own Feats of Strength! Will you be holding a log? Maybe. Will you be catching pancakes? Highly likely. Will you be subject to whatever our hearts desire? Absolutely. Moral of this story, be nice to the festival planners who may decide to award you style points!

Leave your weapons at home. The only gun show we want to see is bulging under your sleeves. And, although you might have the opportunity to huck an ax or toss a log, we'll provide them for you!

We all know folks who could grow a full beard by 16 (you should have seen my sister!), so be sure to have your valid, government-issued, up-to-date, photo ID on you. We won't let you in unless you're 21 and you can prove it to the man with your photo ID! Please note, while we love tiny lumberjacks and four-footed, furry ones, this festival is not the place for them, but they're welcome to watch the events from outside of the fence!

Please, please, please don't bring in outside food or beverage (we'll have plenty of that for you!). It gets really awkward when we have to call you out on bringing things in and threatening our ability to have future festivals. Let's not ruin the fun for everyone!

We'll have applications soon for food and Lumberjacky (it's a word) vendor stuff, Feats of Strength and the Least Professional Beard Competition. If this wasn't enough send us a message and we'll fill you in! Or, if you have a fabulous idea, and are willing to help us pull it off (remember, we're just a bunch of yahoo volunteers), let us know that as well.

All we ask is for a $10 suggested donation and give you treats for the more cheese you give us at the door for a day of fun! You're drinking for charity, which is the best drinking! Cheers!


February 29, 2020
Location: 1232 Turner St., Old Town, MI
Phone: (517) 485-4283
Price: Free (suggested donation)

Brrs, Beards, & Brews: A Lumberjack Festival