2020 Capital City Tennis Classic

Location: MSU Tennis Center
Address: 3571 E. Mount Hope Rd. Lansing, MI
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We are excited to welcome back the Capital City Tennis Classic (CCTC) to Lansing!

For casual tennis players or people who are not familiar with professional tennis, this post aims to help you get a better understanding of the structure of professional tennis and where the CCTC will fit in.

In 2019, the international governing body of tennis, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced the creation of the ITF World Tennis Tour. The ITF World Tennis Tour will serve to create a pathway between rising stars and the top level of professional tennis, the ATP World Tour.

This restructuring of professional tennis will break down like this:


  1. Grand Slams: Players ranked in the top 128 in the world
  2. ATP World Tour: Players ranked in the top 250 in the world
  3. ITF World Tennis Tour: Players ranked in the top 750 in the world


ITF World Tennis Tour events will mostly consistent of rising stars and collegiate tennis players looking to make their mark in professional tennis. This will be an awesome opportunity to catch some future stars right in your backyard, as the best in the world, such as Federer, Nadal and Murray all started their career with this level of tournaments. You may see these guys on ESPN in a few years!

For more information regarding the structure of professional tennis and the ITF World Tour, head to the ITF Website or check out this informational video.

11/16/2020, 11/17/2020, 11/18/2020, 11/19/2020, 11/20/2020, 11/21/2020, 11/22/2020
Location: 3571 E. Mount Hope Rd., MSU Tennis Center, MI

2020 Capital City Tennis Classic