Theres a nip in the air here in Lansing, and in fact, it actually snowed yesterday. Just a bit. If you looked real hard. Its definitely time to pack away the flip flops and shorts (unless youre a student.) And its finally time to break out the sweaters, turtlenecks (does anybody really wear those anymore?) and above allthe corduroy. And whats a more fitting day than today, Friday, November 11th, 2011? Think about it. 11/11/11. If I could get my forward slashes to stand at attention, then youll understand when I tell you its World Corduroy Day today. Or at least it should be. Did you know there are clubs devoted to corduroy appreciation? Check this out: Theres also a sold out corduroy gala going on tonight in NYC.

So I hunted in my closet and couldnt find one wale of corduroy, but hit upon a sweet mustard colored jacket in my sons room in a nice wide wale. So Im borrowing it today in honor of 11/11/11. Its always important to celebrate the little things, right?

If you love fashion, and are looking for some truly fashionable yet classic items to add to your wardrobe, I suggest you head out to a couple of our locally owned establishments, like Kositcheks in downtown Lansing or Grace in Old Town. They have clothes thatll make you feel like a million bucks and they may just have the perfect corduroy piece so you can celebrate, too.