Wicked Showing at East Lansing Wharton CenterIm so excited that Im going to see the musical Wicked tonight. No, I havent read the book, and although the production has been here at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts before, Ive just never had the chance. And I was more than jealous of my friends who had seen it multiple times. I heard nothing but rave reviews about it and vowed to go next time it was in the Greater Lansing area. Personally, I dont usually appreciate the vast majority of musicals because of all the singing. It distracts me. I want a story in words and drama. But flying monkeys, you say? Yes please, I say.

I am also interested in the storyline of this-the prequel to the movie that I watched year after year as a child. Back before you could record it, DVR it, or even rent it. We had to wait, sometimes a whole year before the network would air it again. (Yes, yes, Im old) And it delighted me every time. There were always little pieces and parts of the movie that I had forgotten. It was like welcoming an old friend back into your living room.

So I am thrilled to go see an altered version of an old friend tonight and experience the early years, before good and wicked. Maybe even before flying monkeys. I dont know what to expect, but I cant wait.

If youre green with envy, then I suggest you get your little monkey butt over to the Wharton Center and see this untold story of the witches of Oz.

Century of Oz Showing at East Lansing Wharton Center