Be A Tourist In Your Own Town is celebrating it’s 25th year and we would like welcome the new places for passport holders to check out. Each year a new business opens or something presents itself that would make a great addition to Be A Tourist.To find out exactly what each attraction is offering, please check for the description in the passport or online.

New for 2019:

  1. ALT Printing Co. -  Passport pg. 4
  2. Arcadia Smokehouse – Passport pg. 5
  3. BrickHaven Brewing Co. – Passport pg. 5
  4. Capital Cheer Legends– Passport pg. 6
  5. The Costume Shop– Passport pg. 7
  6. Grand Ledge Jaycee Park– Passport pg. 8
  7. Happendance– Passport pg. 9
  8. Lansing Grown Farmer’s Market– Passport pg. 10
  9. Launch Lansing Trampoline Park– Passport pg. 11
  10. League of Enchantment– Passport pg. 11
  11. Looking Glass Brewing Co. – Passport pg. 12
  12. MSU Broad Art Lab– Passport pg. 13
  13. Peckham Farms– Passport pg. 14
  14. RA1 Basketball Range– Passport pg. 14
  15. REO Town Marketplace– Passport pg. 15
  16. R.J. Scheffel Toy Shop– Passport pg. 15
  17. Sigh Studio of Music– Passport pg. 16

There are also some returning attractions to Be A Tourist that were not on the schedule in the last couple of years.

  1. Beaumont Tower - Passport pg. 18
  2. Cooley Gardens - Passport pg. 7
  3. Cooley Law School Stadium - Passport pg. 7
  4. MICA Gallery - Passport pg. 12
  5. Nokomis Cultural Heritage Center - Passport pg. 14
  6. Royal Scot Bowling - Passport pg. 16
  7. Turner-Dodge House - Passport pg 17

Whether your strategy is to try to hit up as many as you can, to pick a category and visit all that qualify or even to stick to a certain bus route color, there’s always something fun to discover during Lansing’s annual Be A Tourist In Your Own Town.