As the seasons pass and turn events, moments and outings into the days, weeks and years of our lives, you come to sort out and really look forward to the things that are must-do's of the season. Things like going to get the family Christmas tree, heading up to the lake for the 4th of July and driving just north of Lansing to St. Johns to go to Uncle John's Cider Mill. The places and the fun you have at them are so special and memorable that they become a part of your year that you simply cant imagine going without. It would be like if the Michigan State Spartans simply skipped a football season. You know what I mean? Anyway, when my wife and I first started taking our kids to Uncle John's Cider Mill, we brought strollers and took part in the attractions for the little kids. We got apples and pumpkins and warmed up in the barn with donuts and hot cider and watched the apples get made into the freshest cider around. The kids loved it, and they still love it now. That hasnt changed. What has changed however are the kids. We don't have to bring strollers anymore, thats for sure. My daughter is a senior in high school and the boys that once occupied those strollers are 11 and 12. Like I said, time marches on and all we can do is decorate our days with fun places and special memories. Uncle John's is full of these special memories for me, and because we go every fall, it has really served to mark the time. I remember when my son was about 6 he chose a pumpkin he wanted that was bigger than him. In a few more years, he'll probably be able to lift a huge pumpkin in one arm and me in the other.

Fall Family Fun in Greater Lansing

My son shows that good times and amazing apples are found in the middle of the mitten.

Uncle John's Cider Mill has done some growing and changing itself over the years. A visit to their website ( will show you there is a lot of new and cool things to see and do. Now along with pumpkins, apples and the usual suspects you get a corn maze, fruit fling, wagon rides, huge pumpkin patch, make your own stuffed animal machine, jumping pillow and inflatable corral, just to name a few. The time of year is perfect to head up to this cool attraction, so don't put it off. It was also a rough year for apples with that super hot summer, so you'll want to get there before the best apples of the season are all gone. Uncle John's is open seven days a week so look at your calendar and choose a day that sounds good to make a memory you'll treasure forever.