Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival Lansing, MI

Yes the Maply Syrup Festival has endless pancakes, but that's just the beginning!

I say all the time one of my favorite things about the seasons of spring and summer in Greater Lansing is all of the festivals and fairs. I mean it. Everything from music festivals, to arts and crafts to food focused events, its great. You get a chance to get some sun, people watch, check out new things, or if you're at a favorite and well-loved festival, you can feel the warm rush of great much-loved traditions. Well Spring has sprung and the return of festival season in Greater Lansing is here. Lucky us. This weekend we are treated to the sweet (ha ha) return of the Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival. Starting on Friday evening the event runs through Saturday and Sunday and this one has a little bit of everything. Now listen, I'm not just flapping my gums when I say everything. I mean it, this one has it all. We're talking rides, a talent show, pageants, arts and crafts, flea market, parades and even arm wrestling! And all that is without the festivals awesome name-sake, which is (duh!) the maple syrup! Of course a place called Vermontville has to have a Maple Syrup festival, and of course the Maple Syrup Festival has piles and piles of pancakes. There is literally a pancake breakfast going on all day. I mean, for a pancake lover, that can't be beat. They have something called a pancake derby (hey, who knows what that is but, sure, I'm game) and they also boast maple syrup cotton candy. Wow.

So when it comes to this special event in one of Greater Lansing's treasured surrounding communities, come for the maple syrup and pancakes but please, by all means, stay for the petting zoo, sweets and candies of all types, displays, games, entertainment, egg toss, wood working demos, saw mill, antique cars and literally much more. I'm telling you this festival comes early in the season, but its one you absolutely should not miss. Go here for all the info, but after this incredible schedule and tremendous build up, maybe I should just say what you and I both are already thinking, "see you in Vermontville!"