I cannot think of anything that I enjoy better than sitting outside on a beautiful warm, sunny day. Wait. How about sitting outside on a beautiful day with people you love…sharing stories, laughing and telling bad jokes?
How could it get even better? Sitting outside on a beautiful day with people you love, not having to cook with a server on hand with delicious food and drinks. It. is. the. best. Hands down. The food and drinks just taste better and the atmosphere is most definitely both relaxed and festive.
Let me walk you through my favorite patios spots in Greater Lansing. But first…the view options…Think about it. Do you want to be seated at a sidewalk café to watch the passing foot traffic? A rooftop perch? How about with a view of the Grand River? Do you enjoy a courtyard vibe? Or how about watching some sand volleyball? Greater Lansing has a restaurant with a patio to satisfy every scenario.

  1. Midtown Brewing Company. I like this slice-of-urban-life beer garden on the sidewalk because of the pretty flower boxes. And because it is right smack dab in the sidewalk, the people watching is stellar.
    Patio Downtown blog photo
  2. Tavern & Tap/Troppo. Both Tavern & Tap and its neighbor across the street, Troppo get a thumbs up for sidewalk seating that’s both elevated and a bit removed from the concrete and pedestrian traffic. You’re still close enough to interact…or not if you don’t want to.
  3. Waterfront Bar & Grill. Check out this huge patio with a choice of under the canopy or out in the sun and the best and maybe only dining view of the Grand River. The Lansing River Trail people-watching is great. This is one of my favorite patios due to the view and location. (see header image)
  4. El Azteco. Take one rooftop. Add a pitcher of margaritas, a Topopo Salad, chips and their iconic cheese dip. El Azteco’s rooftop perch in East Lansing is muy bueno.
  5. Reno’s Sports Bar (all 3 locations). Each Reno’s has a special vibe and the patios are always a great option and usually packed. Reno’s North features beach volleyball in the front and midget car racing in the back, the west location has a tiki décor while the east venue always feels like 5 oclock. You can’t go wrong at any of them.
  6. Eastwood Towne Center patios. Mitchell's Fish Market, Claddagh, or Bravo! Take your pick. After a day of shopping, dining al fresco at Eastwood Towne Center is just plain delicious. Whether you’re enjoying the Monday BOGO fish and chips at Claddagh, a Mama Lasagna at Bravo! it’s wonderful to get off your feet and reward yourself for some great shopping finds
    Patio Eastwood blog photo.
  7. Lansing Brewing Company. I love this place. It actually has grass. And some corn hole games. And with those big garage doors, the inside becomes like outside, too. Great burgers, great Lansing beer and great times.
  8. Zoobie’s. The patio has expanded and its great. Some sunny and shady spots and the food and drinks are divine – especially the variations of the Moscow Mule. Raise your copper mugs!
  9. MEAT Southern BBQ. The courtyard seating area is delightful. You can get a glimpse of people passing by on the Old Town sidewalks, but for the most part it’s a quiet area so you can concentrate on your brisket and mac n cheese. Which is important.
  10. Red Cedar Spirits. Away from the bustle of downtown East Lansing, you can find Red Cedar Spirits serving up their artisan concoctions. With a pretty woodlot across the street, find the best craft cocktails. Just look at my face. Cheers to great patio dining and drinking.
    Red Cedar blog photo

Greater Lansing has some great dining options. Check them out.

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