Greater Lansing offers a host of event space but the largest and most centralized of them all is the downtown Lansing Center. The 125,000 square foot facility is on Michigan Avenue in downtown Lansing, set along the Grand River and connected to the Radisson Hotel Lansing at the Capitol by a covered pedway. The facility hosts hundreds of events of all shapes and sizes every year, but is it the venue right for your next event? Here are the top five reasons to host your next event at the Lansing Center:

1 - Be A Big Fish in a Little Pond

Greater Lansing is maybe the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. So when your conference is held in downtown Lansing you are the big deal in town. Attendees will feel they are welcome from the moment they arrive because small downtown businesses and restaurants know they are coming and are ready to serve.

Lansing Center2 - Location, Location, Location

There's a cool thing about being right in the middle. It means it’s an easy place to get to no matter where you begin. Attendance is high at events held at the Lansing center and that's the ultimate judgement of an event planner’s success, Am I right?

3 - Political Party

Want to have a Legislative component at your conference? Like a legislative panel on a hot issue your association is facing or a state senator as a keynote speaker? This is the place to meet. The State Capitol building is a pitching wedge shot away from the Lansing Center and you're going to have a lot easier time getting on their calendar if you're not asking them to leave town.

4 - Fun when the Work is Done

When sessions are over for the day and your meetings are wrapping up at the Lansing Center you and your colleagues and everyone you've been networking with are literally steps away from some of the areas very best dining and nightlife options. From dance clubs to sports bars to high end dinner and lunch spots downtown Lansing has just enough of everything to bring the fun when the sessions are done.

5 - We're Here to Help!

Yes, the Greater Lansing CVB is as dedicated to the success of your event as you are. Well, when you meet at the Lansing Center, our office is just a stone’s throw away, so we are there to help! We'll pop in and make sure everything is going smooth and have local connections and know-how to help you clear red tape should any issues arise.



Well there you have it, some of the hot points of meeting at the Lansing Center. Got your interest piqued? Learn more about meeting in Greater Lansing on our website or contact a member of our sales department today!