Family Friendly Activities in Lansing

Get out! It's Spring!

When the weather gets warmer, families start to look for fun things to do together outside. Heres a short list of some great ideas you can find in Greater Lansing! Get out and enjoy!

  1. Lansing River Trail Get your bikes out or just take a nice long walk. With over 13 miles of trail through parks, past museums, wetlands and under bridges, this is great fun. Start in Old Town by Turner-Dodge House and finish up at Michigan State University!
  2. Potter Park Zoo I think the animals are as glad as we are that the weather is getting warmer. The lions will be sunning on their rock, the lemurs will be out and it wont be long before the camel rides begin.
  3. Lansing Lugnuts Baseball The Lugnuts kick off their season with the Cross Town Showdown April 11th pitting the Lugnuts against the MSU Spartans. Baseball in the spring. Gotta love it.
  4. Little Hawk Putting Course I cant say enough about this course. Its just my speed and a makes a great family outing for all ages. Its an 18 hole natural grass putting course complete with water hazards, sand traps and hilly terrain. Dont expect a windmill or a clown. This is golf.
  5. MSU Farm tours and a trip to the Dairy Store Okay, my co-workers tease me because every spring I hear the siren call of the sheep barn beckoning me to come visit the cute baby lambs. Theyre so cute. Did I tell you that theyre super cute? Well, all the MSU barns are always interesting to tour, especially if you grew up a city kid like me. The foals at the horse barn are adorable also, but those lambsThen end your visit with a trip to the MSU Dairy Store for the freshest ice cream ever. Cheese, too. Made fresh on site. If you're lucky you can view the production from the observation deck.