When the kids are on break from school for the holidays, sometimes parents struggle in search of fun things to do in Michigan after the presents are opened and the stockings are emptied out. Dont worry, with these ideas for a few different outings you can keep the good times rolling and give the TV a rest. Sure there are a ton of great places to go in Greater Lansing, but to keep it easy Im going to give you my holiday break top five fun things to do in Michigan in no particular order, because they are all great!

Impression Five Science Center

This hands-on downtown science center is a dynamic and interactive place for families to learn and play. With over twelve different hands-on exhibits its somewhere a group can spend the entire day. It will certainly serve as one of the most fun things to do in Michigan with kids!

Catch A Movie

Whether its at Celebration Cinema, NCG Eastwood Cinema or Studio C!, holiday break is the perfect time to escape into a movie and enjoy fun things to do in Michigan. Feel the holiday stress melt away as you get sucked into a gripping Hollywood blockbuster with only you, your loved ones, and a huge tub of buttery popcorn to share.

Try Laser Tag

If the kids have been sitting around like a blob playing the new video game Santa brought, have no fear! You and your entire group will be barrel rolling and blasting your way into some real energetic family fun at Zap Zone. Trust me, after a few rounds of this the whole group will be ready for a good nights sleep.

Go Bowling

Bowling is a lot more fun for little ones now that they have bumpers. I remember as a kid going bowling with my Dad and hed score a 240 and Id score a 24. With a bunch of different bowling options in Greater Lansing, all with bumpers for the little ones, spend a few hours bowling, grab a pizza and a few pops and make some great memories. Check out City Limits Bowling Center, Spare Time Entertainment or Royal Scot!

Michigan Historical Museum

At this awesome outing, your kids will find themselves learning about our great state and having fun at the same time. Experience the State of Michigan and all the changes its endured over the last 200+ years and talk about where you all fit in as proud Michiganians.

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