As employees of the Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau, we promote Lansing every day of the year, it’s just what we do. But what if our career didn’t obligate us to endorse the region as a great place to visit? Would we still cheer on the area with pride? Would we still be eager to share about all the great events and attractions with friends and family?

If you were to ask anyone from our office these questions, you’re likely to hear a resounding yes.

Our team is not only passionate about promoting the area for special events like 517 Day, or just because it’s our job, we do it because it's who we are!

In honor of 517 Day, check out the video below to see a few things our employees had to say when asked, “Why do you love living in Lansing?” Then, keep reading on because there’s more!

"I love to work, live and play in the 517 because within a 15-minute drive I can be: cheering the Spartans on to victory; eating an award-winning slice of pie from Sweetie-licious; playing with my son and making slime at Impression 5; sipping a craft brew at Lansing Brewing Co.; hitting the links with my hubby on world class golf courses; or taking my girlfriends out for shopping and drinks at Eastwood."

–Tracy Padot, Vice President of Marketing Communications

"My favorite thing about Lansing is living so close MSU’s young, vibrant campus. We are able to expose our children to so many rich resources and education that they would not be able to get anywhere else. Not to mention we love spending time on campus – sitting by the Red Cedar River, feeding the ducks, attending sporting events, enjoying festivals/special programs, exploring the arts and sciences. Lastly, the university brings such an educated and diverse population of students, staff and professors. My children are growing up in a community where we embrace our differences and encourage education."

–Amy Moon, National Sales Manager

"I love the diversity and this is what attracted me to moving here 20+ years ago. Such a mix of incomes, education, colors, cultures, ages and job opportunities. Of course, I love that I can enjoy a ton of stuff all within walking distance in downtown Lansing. Museums, the Lansing River Trail, brew pubs and distilleries, baseball and all kinds of eateries."

–Lori Lanspeary, Manager of Social Media and Leisure Marketing

517 Day

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"I appreciate the diverse mix of Lansing’s residents and tourists, and that it’s such a welcoming city. The people are very friendly, and our region offers such a wonderful mix of history, culture, river trails and nature centers plus we are fortunate to have great museums, art galleries, community theaters and many unique art/music festivals. Also impressive are the number of local citizens and groups always looking for ways to make Lansing a better place to live and visit!"

–Karen Sanders, Administrative Assistant

"I love living near a University and participating in all their activities from sports to arts to music! The Greater Lansing area also brings such a variety of choices in restaurants and breweries, music venues and festivals, parks and bike trails, and all wrapped up in the arms of the friendliest people around!"

–Robin Soergel, Visitor Information Specialist

"I love having all the resources and amenities of a much larger community without the stress of a large metropolitan area."

–Chris Tarpoff, Visitor Information Specialist

"I love that Lansing is fun, adventurous and entertaining! We have a wide range of food choices from food trucks to Capital Prime."

–Kristina Kaufmann, Visitor Services and CTA Coordinator

What do you love about living in Lansing? Share with us in the comments below or tell us on social media using #517Day.