I like to think I'm a romantic guy. I really do, and not just because I can jot off a romantic poem (which I absolutely can). See, I think being truly romantic is born out of thoughtfulness. Genuine thoughtfulness. Not following traditional footprints that lead you to the traditionally romantic staples of candy, flowers and foot rubs. I'm talking about the thoughtfulness that means you know a loved one so well, that you know all the secret things that they like, but would not necessarily do for themselves. A favorite author, a favorite meal, a favorite movie, clothing sizes, styles, you name it. What are their stresses? Do something to dissolve them. What makes them laugh? Give humor abundantly. Happy childhood memories? Re-create them. You get the drift. So some of the key things to be romantic for this upcoming Valentine's Day are up to you. How well do you know your significant other? Show it with some thoughtful words and actions. Where do I come in then, you ask? Well I'm here, as your romantic guide to the world of special event dining in Greater Lansing. Yes, you can now leave the ideas for where to go for dinner up to me, the final decision and everything else you do that day is up to you. So my top five recommendations for a romantic dinner in Greater Lansing go like this:


Romantic Restaurants in Lansing Michigan

Your Valentine's Day Plans have to come from YOUR heart, but I'll recommend these local places for a really romantic meal.

The Knight Cap - This place is classically romantic. Small, dimly lit and intimate with an amazing menu. The servers are the best and really make you feel like you're being pampered.www.theknightcap.com

Dusty's Wine Bar - Get ready for one of the best meals you'll ever have, no matter what you order. I've been here a few times for work functions and the dishes are simply mouthwatering. This establishment is also a gold mine of fine wines, so order a bottle of something your lady likes. www.dustyscellar.com

The State Room - This is a classy place and a classic den for true-green Spartans. From food, to drinks, to environment you'll be treated like a first-class guest. Go the extra mile and book a room for the night at the top notch Kellogg hotel and Conference Center! www.stateroomrestaurant.com

SanSu Sushi & Cocktails - There is something just romantic about sushi. It's kind of pretty looking and you do a lot of sharing and tasting when the food is there in front of you. Its an opportunity to try new things, so you try a bite, and then she tries a bite. You hate it, she likes it, or you both love it and romance ensues. www.sansu-sushi.com

The English Inn - This place is great. Amazing food, super cozy and unique environment. Set in a former 1927 Tudor Mansion you feel like you're having dinner at some super rich persons house. For fun, pretend its yours. Anyway its out there a bit, out in Eaton Rapids, so tell her you have a surprise for dinner, drive for a while, pretend like you're lost and then pull up to this fancy place where you have not only dinner reservations, but a room for the night in the one of 10 super-exclusive super-charming rooms. www.englishinn.com