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Explore the great natural areas of Greater Lansing.

I've been blogging these last few times about the big event coming up in Greater Lansing on Saturday June 2nd - Be A Tourist In Your Own Town - and today is going to be no exception. I've got a lot to say about this community and while, yes, I'll admit its my job to promote this event and the Capital City, I'd honestly do it anyway even if I worked somewhere else. Greater Lansing is my home town and for all its faults and challenges, I'm really proud of it. I'm proud of what we have and I'm proud of what we don't have. I've lived here forever and I'm proud of where we've been and Im excited for where we're going too. So you can believe me when I give you my various recommendations for this event which celebrates all things Lansing. In case you don't know, on the day of Be A Tourist you purchase a $1 passport and with it you're able to get into over 60 different local attractions and special events all around town. For just 50 cents you get to ride CATA routes to get you to all the different stops. Collect stamps at the various passport stamp locations and enter to win some great prizes. Sound like fun? It really is - get your passport and start checking it out for what you want to do that day, but if you trust me, and you should, let me make a recommendation to you for your day of exploration.

Make your day full of fun outdoor attractions with a theme I call 'Natural Selection' - go through the passport and select all the parks, gardens and natural centers and try to stop at them all. Greater Lansing is truly blessed with some incredibly cool natural areas and botanical parks and gardens galore both downtown and out at Michigan State. So yes, we have enough great natural areas that you could have all day to explore them all and still not see them all, especially when you get out to one and find yourself having such a good, quiet and relaxing time you just don't want to leave.

Burchfield Park Cooley Gardens Durant Park Fenner Nature Center LCC Shigematsu Garden Hunter Park Garden House MSU Horticulture Gardens MSU 4-H Children's Gardens Beal Botanical Gardens Waldumar Nature Center