While many in the hospitality industry have celebrated the return of in-person events, the past few years of economic uncertainty have led to a series of challenges for meeting and event planners.

Our sales and services team recently attended the Destinations International Sales and Services Summit, where industry experts shared how the events industry has shifted in recent years. The consensus was that industry shifts have led to challenges that are arising for meeting planners across the country.

These challenges identified at a national level are the same meeting and event challenges we’ve been facing in Lansing for the past two years. For planners, the solutions to many of these issues come with working with a destination’s CVB, which can help with every step from securing locations and vendors to servicing the event with planning support, promotional resources, and more.

Here are a few of the most common challenges facing meeting and event planners and how CVBs like us can help navigate them.  


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Across the country, hotels are consistently reluctant to commit to long term dates. Short term pricing and revenue involved with leisure and corporate travel are often more lucrative in an uncertain economy. For meeting planners, this means either working with shorter timelines or getting hotels to book farther in advance.

The good news? The GLCVB can help with both. Our team knows how to put out an RFP that hotels will take seriously and respond to.

And for planners booking meetings and events with quicker turnarounds, our services team can act as an extension of your team, with help promoting the event, creating signage, on-site assistance, and much more.  

Labor shortages are the talk of almost every industry, and hospitality especially. While hotels do their best to fill gaps in staffing, the reality is that they’re still short-staffed. This means longer response times for planners who are trying to coordinate events on shorter timelines.

Working with a CVB can simplify this step in the planning process. Our team has established relationships with hotel contacts, and we’re able to more quickly connect planners to hotel staff.

Another challenge that results from economic uncertainty and labor shortages is higher turnover. The industry is seeing newer planners and newer hotel and vendor staff, which means expertise and experience with programming is lacking on both ends.

Rather than gaining experience by learning things the hard way, working with the experts at a CVB means you have access to years – sometimes decades – of experience that can help your event run better than you could hope for.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with one of our experts to see how we can simplify your planning process and help you pull off your best event yet!

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