In Greater Lansing, Tourism Counts!

I always say, a place doesn't have to be "touristy" to benefit big time from a strong tourism and hospitality industry. You know what I mean. Tourism isn't only found in certain magic kingdom's hosted by mice, (still following?) tourism is found all over the country and Greater Lansing is no exception. Great local attractions and special events like the Common Ground Music Festival, a home MSU Spartan football game and the East Lansing Art Festival bring folks by the tens of thousands into our region! To be exact, 4.7 million visitors come to the Greater Lansing area every single year. Now, while these visitors are here, they spend money in our restaurants, hotels, shops and night clubs. How much? About $424 million in annual economic impact! This unique economic driver brings in significant out-of-state funding that helps local businesses and municipalities in nearly countless ways. Then, all that added demand for restaurants, retail, lodging and entertainment means lots of jobs for Greater Lansing residents - 7,200 jobs to be exact, help support the local tourism and hospitality industry. A restaurant that gets a lot of business because of tourists visiting MSU, or Lansing's downtown for a convention, tends to hire more servers and cooks. A busy hotel needs more staff. A museum that see's a lot of patrons, now finds itself open an additional day of the week. These stats and pieces of info serve as proof that Greater Lansing not only has lots of cool and unique things to do and places to see, but that people are coming, in large numbers and helping our local economy along the way.

Now what does this mean to you? Well, that depends? Do you live in the Greater Lansing area? If not, come and visit! It's our goal to make every single visitor to the Capital City feel welcome and we have a lot to share. From great food, to unique history to shopping and entertainment we've got something for everyone. Conversely, if you are a resident of Greater Lansing, it's time to step-up your game. Take your love of Lansing to the next level and become a Greater Lansing Certified Tourism Ambassador! In 2010, the GLCVB, along with the Team Lansing Foundation, launched a program dedicated to improving the visitor experience in the region (the first of its kind in Michigan). The Greater Lansing Tourism Ambassador program is a nationally recognized program focused on equipping area residents and hospitality staff with best-of-class customer service skills and a detailed knowledge of the many assets in the region.

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