Spring in Lansing, MI

Yes, its snowing right now, but Spring is coming. Are you ready? If not, we're ready for you with some suggestions for fun.

Despite what I see outside my window right now (brrr!!) we are about to be looking Spring right in the face. Yup, and with it comes spring break. Now even if that doesn't grant you any time off from work (sad face) your kids are for sure looking at some time off from their regular schedule of cereal, school, dinner, homework, bed, repeat. Even if you can't get out of town and go anywhere I think it might be a good idea to fill some of their time and recharge our batteries with some fun in-town staycation planning. I bet there are a fair amount of things to do right here in Greater Lansing that for one reason or another you have put off and never done. Have you ever been on a tour of the State Capitol? Guided tours are available free Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is a very cool thing to do and because its right under your nose, its rarely taken advantage of by residents. How about a stop over to the Michigan State University Botanical Gardens or the MSU Butterfly House? This is a very cool spot in town and it has a magical way of using greenhouse technology to transfer you from early spring to mid-summer (if for just a little while) with its sunny feel, sights and smells. This is also free - major bonus. After you're done there, go check out the MSU Dairy store for the best ice cream in town. Finally instead of shoveling frozen mounds of ice around your sidewalk and driveway, you can shovel some into your mouth. The feel is very different, see if you don't agree. Lastly I'd be remiss if I didn't recommend the Greater Lansing Ultimate Getaway Packages, a new offering from the GLCVB and our many hotel, restaurant, retail and attraction partners. The Greater Lansing Ultimate Getaway Package is sweet, and it goes like this: Choose accommodations from one of the many partnering hotels in town, get an awesome rate, and then when you check into the hotel you'll be presented with a welcome packet full of information on things to do and see as well as a coupon booklet with special deals and discounts at local businesses! It's an incredible deal and the initiative is just getting started. Be one of the first to take advantage of this great promotion and have yourself a fun mini vacation right in your home town! While the kids are swimming in the hotel pool and you are going over the coupons deciding what you'll do next you'll get the mental break from the everyday that you desperately need without the rain cloud of air-fare, gas prices, traffic and crowds. Your welcome! Enjoy a little spring break Lansing-style!