Through a partnership with several local Lansing organizations Michigan State University Alumni will have a cool new way to get back to campus! No they're not all re-enrolling in classes and moving into houses with friends (although many wish they could, I'm sure) I'm talking about the Amtrak Spartan Line! Beginning the weekend of November 16th, the newly created Spartan themed line will bring MSU Alumni from the Chicago area back to East Lansing via the Amtrak "Blue Water Line", but with some very cool add-ons. First cool thing to mention is one car, awesomely wrapped in green and white, will be reserved just for Spartan Line riders, but that's not all. This cool offering doesn't just give you first-rate train accommodations and major "travel-in-style" points, you also get a ticket to a football or basketball game (depending on the weekend you choose) and deals and discounts on lodging. It's a total no-brainer.

Amtrak Spartan Line in Lansing Michigan

All Aboard for Spartan Fun and more on the new Amtrak Spartan Line!

This will also do all kinds of positive things for the region. From bringing alums now living in Chicago back to the fun of a Spartan Sports weekend, to increasing Amtrak ridership to exposing fans of the region to many of the new and exciting offerings in the area to see and do (my mind goes to the amazing new Eli and Edythe Broad Contemporary Art Museum opening next month, but there's a lot more too). So this goes out to you, if you're one of the over 25,000 Michigan State Alumni living in Chi-town, you've got a cool, convenient and cost-effective way to get back to campus. All aboard for the Spartan Line! More details are available here on this website, or check out a full blown news story on M-Live. Do MORE than travel in style - Travel in SPARTAN STYLE.