Have you ever been to the annual downtown Lansing holiday event Silver Bells in the City? I'd guess maybe you have, because it is wildly successful, more and more so every year. Now in its 27th year Silver Bells in the City returns this Friday, November 18th, with all its holiday cheer, charm and pagentry. As someone who HAS been to the event many times (about ten years in a row now to be exact) I highly recommend it. From the Stadium District area all the way down Michigan Avenue toward the Capitol Building attendees can find various decoration, special events, sights and sounds of an event that ushers in the holiday season with a lot of style. No matter what your age, or family situation, there is a way to enjoy this event. Let me explain what I mean. I've been to the event with young children, and while its crowded (get ready to give the longest shoulder ride ever) the kids will love the parade, fireworks and the excitement of the lighting of the state tree. I've been to the event with my kids as they got a bit older and they were still all about it. I've been to the event a few times without kids and this is fun too, but in a different way. One year my wife and I went to silver bells without the kids and we had a great time enjoying the surroundings then taking part of dinner and drinks at some of the great downtown Lansing restaurants and pubs. It's a fantastic time to enjoy downtown Lansing and its fun to catch yourself getting into the holiday spirit. No matter who you go with, or what you do this chilly-weather event is one to get out to and enjoy. Bundle up and jump in, the holidays are here. find out more information about this great event at www.silverbellsinthecity.org